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    Royal Botania
    Elsendonkstraat 146
    T. +32 34112285
    F. +32 34112286
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    Royal Botania

    Actividad : Fabricante
    No matter if you prefer the clean looks of contemporary outdoor garden furniture or the warmth of classic wood, Royal Botania has a luxurious range to suit your individual taste. Our collections use a wide variety of quality materials that are individually designed to look good but also to last. These materials include stainless steel, glass, teak wood, aluminium and many more. These are all combined and used in unison, to make perfectly stylish luxury tables, chairs, loungers, umbrellas and hammocks. These can be further enhanced with our range of contemporary outdoor fabrics that allow individuals to create the perfect outdoor living room.

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    Royal Botania - ninix lounger - Tumbona
    ninix lounger
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