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    Via Montello II Tronco 19
    Trebaseleghe (PD)
    T. +39 049.9387669
    F. +39 041.3965706
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    Actividades : Fabricante, Vidriero, Revendedor
    ' Italian handmade lighting. MULTIFORME is an Italian company specialized in high-end handmade lighting. Our headquarter and our furnace are situated close to Venice, in the heart of the Veneto lighting district, an excellence of the Made in Italy sector. MULTIFORME operates autonomously thanks to its technical department and internal production. We can develop elaborated projects, offering high standard solutions to our customers. An advanced know-how, which is for us a precious resource, has allowed us to develop complex custom projects to suit the specific and unique requests of our customers. Each product must be good, as well as beautiful. MULTIFORME meets the demands for decorative and custom lighting, offering to worldwide professionals the best solutions. Each project is a challenge we face with passion and reliability. Each of our lighting works is handcrafted, unique and best-laid, suitable for both private and public projects. Our aim is to create exclusive lighting works, to decorate private and public spaces, improving the quality of living of our customers. MULTIFORME is in continuous development, our first aim is to contribute in spreading the values of the Made In Italy Lighting worldwide, in order to create long-lasting and satisfactory commercial relationships. The care we reserve for the product development is the same we reserve for the relationships with our partners. Each of our customers must be satisfied.

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    Catálogo corporativo 10/10/17
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    Catálogo corporativo 10/10/17
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    Catálogo corporativo 10/10/17
    Objects Catalogue
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