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AGIR Céramique

Artistic and Architectural Ceramics

Ariane Artignan-Coissieux, Master Ceramic Artist, creates unique pieces of artwork while also responding to the wishes and requirements of individuals or professionals.

She can provide all that is needed to complete your home: basins, ceramics for lighting, interior and exterior mural pieces, tiles for showers, bathrooms, swimming pools..

Ariane offers pieces in glazed stoneware or porcelain turned on the wheel before being sculpted or remodelled by hand. These pieces can be supremely functional or purely ornamental.

Visit our web-site to discover the whole range of her work, including sculpture and pottery for the table.

You also can find out there about the latest creations to emerge from her kiln and about projects currently underway (kitchen décor, bathroom tiles, prototypes, exhibitions etc..)

Don't hesitate to contact us about any project you may have or for a catalogue or if you are looking for that perfect present.

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Productos de Agir Céramique

  • AGIR  Céramique - lampe murale porcelaine à col de cygne orientable - Aplique Articulado

      lampe murale porcelaine à col de cygne o

    Diseñador : Ariane Artignan-Coissieux

    Lampe murale 1 Lampe murale porcelaine à col de cygne laiton orientable Diamètre socle mural ...

    2 secciones

    55 € aprox.
  • AGIR  Céramique -  - Copa Decorativa

      Copa Decorativa

    Diseñador : Ariane Artignan-Coissieux

    From individual objets d'art to decorative functional items and a variety of architectural ...

    70 € aprox.
  • AGIR  Céramique - éclosion - Lámpara Portátil Led


    Diseñador : ARIANE Artignan-Coissieux

    luminary sculptures in translucent porcelain. Unique pieces. ARIANE Artignan-Coissieux's porcelain ...

    350 € aprox.