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    MULTIFORME Lámpara colgante - Cellini

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    Elegant and sinuous shapes, combined together with a rectangular structure: Cellini mixes together the neatness of a modern structure with some traditional venetian elements. The care with which the alignment has been carried out, the perfect symmetry of the elements, every detail is an evidence of the high quality of this lamp. The metal structure has a flawless surface, without joints, and it is embellished by small LEDs placed on its lower side. In the catalogue we propose Cellini in gold colour: pure brushed gold for the structure and mottled golden glass.


    • Origen : Italia
    • Materiales : Metal dorado, Oro, Cristal de Murano
    • Color : Dorado
    • Estilo : Contemporáneo
    • Colección : CELLINI
    • Diseñador : Multiforme
    • Año de creación : 2015

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