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GLASSOLUTIONS France - Mostrador de frío-GLASSOLUTIONS France-Ever Clear

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Mostrador de frío - Ever clear

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EVERCLEAR is a non-heating, energy-free, anti-fog and frost-free triple-glazing solution offering unrivaled thermal insulation
(up to 0.6 W/m².K).

EVERCLEAR consists of:
-2 low-E-GLAS panels from the PLANITHERM range forming the main heat barriers;
-2 SWISSPACER bars minimizing heat bridges along the glass edges; an anti-frost layer controlling freezer-side glass condensation, making it invisible;
-EVERCLEAR anti-fog coating managing freezer-side glass condensation.

-Up to 2,000 kWh p/a/m² energy savings compared with heated glass doors
-23 months (average) is the estimated payback for a door equipped with EVERCLEAR
-0.9 ton of CO2/year/m² (average) is saved through lower electricity consumption
-higher impulse shopping thanks to perfect transparency
-no maintenance required

-EVERCLEAR is exclusively designed for the doors of vertical and combi- freezer cabinets.
-Large food stores (hypermarkets, supermarkets, high-street and corner shops, wholesalers) are the main users of these refrigeration units.

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