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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Escalón de interior - Led in glass

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    LED IN GLASS is a monolithic glass which diffuses white light emitted by LED. Unlike what happens with a light bulb, here it is the entire surface of the glass which is lit up!
    Through a wafer of extra clear glass, one or more tiny white LED slats emit a light beam and the illumination is reflected by an enamelled surface on the reverse.
    The enamel is applied using silkscreen or digital printing on DIAMANT glass. The profile incorporating the LED has been designed for a thickness of 8 mm, thus allowing the light to be diffused perfectly onto the glass wafer. The motifs selected break up the monotony of the glass. The silkscreen printing can be personalized to suit all styles.

    LED IN GLASS can be used inside a large number of applications:
    - partitions;
    - stairs;
    - shelving;
    - railings;
    - access control doors.

    LED IN GLASS, a unique glass solution for the illuminated environment:
    - a turnkey concept covering both hardware and installation;
    - personalised ambience;
    - operational in interior spaces;
    - very low power consumption;
    - the system is unbelievably stable over time, simplifying maintenance;
    - component traceability so that any replacement parts needed are identical.

    Lighting using this glass creates a very pleasant indirect light source, regardless of the environment: businesses, offices, show-rooms, etc.


    • Origen : Francia
    • Materiales : Cristal

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