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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Tabique - Emalit seralit opalit

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    EMALIT EVOLUTION is a tempered glass made opaque by the deposition of an enamel layer on one side of the glass.
    SERALIT EVOLUTION is a glass product on which a textile screen has been used to deposit a coloured
    mineral enamel which can be opaque or translucent.
    OPALIT EVOLUTION is a translucent enamelled glass. Its clear appearance is obtained by the (full or partial) deposition of a translucent layer of enamel on one side of the glass.

    These glazes do not contain any lead, cadmium, mercury or chromium VI. Fired at very high temperature, they bond to the surface of the glass and give the product exceptional durability over time.

    The aesthetic and technical characteristics of EMALIT EVOLUTION, SERALIT EVOLUTION and OPALIT EVOLUTION are such that they are suitable for a great number of applications. Their range of colours, durability and safety features mean that they are the obvious materials of choice for all façades and the interior décor of residential and service sector buildings. EMALIT EVOLUTION, SERALIT EVOLUTION and OPALIT EVOLUTION may also be integrated into individual applications.

    Better respect of the environment The absence of lead and cadmium in the production of EMALIT EVOLUTION, SERALIT EVOLUTION and OPALIT EVOLUTION guarantees a respect for the environment and perfect recycling. The near-total disappearance of pollutant waste protects nature and health.

    Exceptional durability and safety EMALIT EVOLUTION, SERALIT EVOLUTION and OPALIT EVOLUTION are tempered glass in compliance with standard EN 12150. They have all the qualities of durability and safety of tempered enamelled products. On façades and frontages or in interior design, the colours remain stable over time.

    ? OPALIT EVOLUTION protection of intimacy and luminous colours
    OPALIT EVOLUTION transmits light and protects from sight. Its frosted, satin-finish look has three shades for the creation of refined façades and interiors.


    • Origen : Francia
    • Materiales : Cristal

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