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Araña murano - Tobia

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Tobia is characterized by a tube-shaped central element, made of blown glass modelled by hand. This element is interrupted by some spherical elements made of blown glass, this creates well-define and yet fluid shapes. The smooth glass surface contributes even more to the sense of minimalism and clearness of the whole composition. This chandelier is available in marine green, grey or amethyst, which are the colours typical of the first half of the XXth design. It is possible, however, to manufacture this chandelier using all the colours available in the palette MULTIFORME, both the transparent and opaque ones.

Características producto
  • Origen : ITALIA
  • Materiales : Cristal de Murano
  • Estilo : 1920
  • Colección : TOBIA
  • Diseñador : MULTIFORME

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