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    GRIGOLITE Mosquitero - Tina king size

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    129 € aprox. $



    Double frame mosquito net
    The second frame is hanging and square shaped, so it protects the bed without stirring up any claustrophobia feeling. The veil is larger than the one of standard nets, remains distant from face and body, and keeps away stings and maddening buzzes. It's simple to assemble and not very bulky once disassembled.
    It stays in a vertical shoulder bag, handy to put away. Quadrangular Veil
    Measures: cm 65 (top diameter) x 300 (height) x 1400 (base circumference)
    Material: 100% polyester
    Denier: 75 D
    Colour: white
    Panels: 8 + 1
    Opening: 1
    Rings: 1 in metal

    Circle Frame
    Measures: diameter cm 65
    Material: PVC
    Colour: white
    Assembling pieces: 4

    Assembling pieces: 4
    Measures: com 130 x 130
    Material: artificially seasoned beech-wood
    Colour: natural
    Assembling pieces: 4 staffs + 4 spherical joints
    Measures: cm 90
    Material: polyester
    Colour: white
    Assembling pieces: 4

    Measures: cm 90
    Material: metal
    Colour: natural

    1 rawlplug for ceiling installation

    Quality Bag
    Measures: cm 145 x 35
    Material: non woven fabric
    Colour: cream
    To order, we carry out nets in natural fibre and tailor made.


    • Origen : Italia
    • Materiales : Poliéster
    • Color : Blanco
    • Año de creación : 2009

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